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Visitors' Choice 2017
Triberger Waterfalls and Christmas Market

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Triberg: deep in the Black Forest with towering waterfalls.

Nestled deep in the Black Forest is the small town of Triberg, which is also home to a breathtaking natural spectacle: waterfalls plunging into the depths from a height of 163 m. A hiking path allows visitors to explore at their leisure, taking in its seven steps from all angles. The waterfalls can be visited all year round, and are an impressive sight – even in winter! At Christmas, millions of lights conjure up a romantic atmosphere and transform the surrounding forest into an utterly beautiful outdoor winter festival with performers and other highlights.

The region also has plenty of other attractions to offer visitors. In addition to the Wutach Gorge (known as the "German Grand Canyon"), the region is home to other wonders, including the world's largest cuckoo clock and a dripstone cave that is thought to be 135,000 years old, earning it an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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