Wernigerode: Marktplatz bei Nacht
Wernigerode: Marktplatz bei Nacht ©François Thierens
German National Tourist Board
Visitors' Choice 2017
Wernigerode townhall

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Visible from afar: romantic Wernigerode Castle towers high above the little town north of the Harz mountains. It’s just one of many highlights on every corner in and around Wernigerode – especially in the restored old town with its colourful timber-framed houses.

Built as a fortress, destroyed during the Thirty Years’ War, rebuilt as a royal residence: Wernigerode Castle in the Harz region has an eventful history culminating in a fabulous conversion at the end of the 19th century. Visitors feel transported back in time on a tour through the 40 partly originally furnished rooms while the surrounding parks are just perfect for a stroll.

Experience these little gems

Things are a bit less stately but all the more colourful in the old town. The town hall, one of the most beautiful in the whole of Europe, the Wonky House, almost twice as wonky as the Tower of Pisa, the smallest house with its tiny museum: just three of the treasures that make a stroll through the lanes unforgettable. The same applies to a trip on the nearby Harz narrow gauge steam trains and the wildlife park below the castle, the Hasseröder holiday park and the Planet Trail confirm that the whole of Wernigerode is an experience.

Useful fact: the tourist information offers special tours, for example with a sign language interpreter.

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