Where can I find the longest bar in the world? ©Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH
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Old quarter of Düsseldorf

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Where can I find the longest bar in the world?

You won’t find the “longest bar in the world” in a bar. In fact, this term describes an entire microcosm that takes in over 260 hostelries, bars and restaurants in Düsseldorf’s Altstadt (Old Town). It has already been a melting pot of all social classes for 350 years. It’s the quarter in Düsseldorf where anybody can find what they’re looking for – be it a fashion boutique, an art museum or a brewery inn.

What makes Altbier different from other beers?

Altbier can be described as a traditional (top-fermented) craft beer. It has always been hand-made – long before the art of brewing was supposedly rediscovered. And it’s also “altbier” brown and tastes delicious!

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