Bremen’s vibrant city centre offers history, culture, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, parks, rural areas and the ubiquitous River Weser, which is crossed by ferry on this stunning circular route.

The route starts with a ride along the "Culture Mile", which is home to an art gallery and theatre, before heading through the eastern suburbs and passing the beautiful houses there. The Hal Över ferry transfers cyclists from the Stadtwerder peninsula to Weserstrand beach, where the route then passes allotments and Lake Werdersee as it heads further into the New Town. The route continues along the Schlachte promenade to the market square. From here, the Town Hall and the statue of Roland, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, can be explored on foot. The Town Musicians of Bremen greet visitors on the walk to Schnoor, Bremen’s oldest quarter, which is full of houses belonging to nautical craftsmen and fishermen.

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