• Michael Sontag, Berlin
    Michael Sontag, Berlin
  • Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Berlin
    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Berlin
  • Schwesternliebe fashions, Regensburg
    Schwesternliebe fashions, Regensburg ©Schwesternliebe (Stephanie Sabatier)

Discover fashion in Germany

Germany is a fashion mecca. This has been the case for around 100 years, but never with such a diverse, daring and fresh face, nor as young yet timeless as today.

The extent to which Germany – and Berlin in particular – has established itself in global fashion, is borne out by its more than 40 fashion academies and exhibitions, including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Bread & Butter at Berlin's Tempelhof airport, and competitions such as createurope for international newcomers. See for yourself when you next visit and discover why Karl Lagerfeld is right when he says "You can't escape fashion. Even when fashion becomes out of fashion, it's fashion."

So follow the fashion and be where it's at in Germany. It hardly matters where the tour begins, because rich pickings are everywhere.

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