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Learn German for business purposes.

From business German to German for doctors, if you want to learn German for your career, you will need very specific vocabulary tailored to your profession. Many language schools in Germany are adapted to this need and offer courses that teach you German technical jargon quickly and effectively.

Depending on how much time you have, you can learn in small groups or on intensive one-to-one courses. If you like, you can also book a course tailored to your specific needs with your entire project team. You can then certify your German skills in internationally recognised standard tests such as the telc language tests.

Yet communication, whether it's private or professional, is about more than just the language. Getting to grips with your contact person's cultural idiosyncrasies is just as important. Language schools can help by offering intercultural training. "Who do I offer my hand to and when? Can I address my colleague informally? When should I pay for my business partner?" These subtleties are so easy to deal with after the training.

In the evenings, there is a broad cultural programme which you can take part in, continue your "studies" and have fun. Stroll through German cities, visit an array of museums, enjoy high-quality performances in the opera houses and theatres and discover German cuisine for yourself. Your business partner is sure to be impressed the next time you casually order Labskaus (a German delicacy) at a business lunch or you munch on a Weißwurst (Bavarian sausage) for breakfast.

Martin, a doctor from Argentina

Martín (33), a doctor from Argentina

"My favourite place in Germany is the Römerberg in Frankfurt. I love its splash of colour and typically German architecture – it feels like you're in a film!"

Once you have overcome the language barrier, many schools also inform their students of suitable internships and support them with visa and travel issues.

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