Typical German

Discover in every city and every region local artisan craft work and specialities that make Germany unique. Take a bit of Germany home with you after your holiday. Here you can find the most attractive souvenirs for lasting enjoyment of your holiday.
Berlin fashion: Hats by Fiona Bennett
Berlin Design: Creative and original

Berlin inspires: Just like the city itself, Berlin Design is also original and creative, and always has an unmistakable touch. Small, extravagant boutiques and experimental concept stores present the very latest fashions and hip design from Berlin. Original souvenirs from the German capital, like the “Ampelmännchen” (traffic signal figures) or cookie cutters in the shape of landmarks can be purchased as souvenirs of Berlin in the many small shops.

Lauscha, Painting
Coloured Glassworks in Lauscha

The Coloured Glassworks in Lauscha can look back at a 157-year tradition of glass making. Even today, various glass products are still made by hand using traditional methods. Visit the colourful shopping world of the Farbglashütte Lauscha!

Greetings from Oktoberfest
Enjoy shopping: Discover Bavarian originals

Whether Bavarian folk costumes or traditional handicraft products, wonderful souvenirs or regional delicacies (Schmankerl) for your physical wellbeing – there’s a very wide range of Bavarian specialities.

Heidelberg Kiss Cakes
Heidelberg Kiss Cakes – a gesture of admiration

Guests from all over the world can take a delicious piece of Heidelberg with them: The new “Kiss Cake” from the Knösel family business is a fine, juicy chocolate cake made from high-quality organic ingredients. It continues the idea of the famous “Heidelberger Studentenkuß®” (Heidelberg Student Kiss).

"Hessen‘s Äppler - The typical drink in traditional earthenware jars“
Hessens Äppler – the typical local drink in traditional clay jugs

The Äpplergenuß – a glass of this light, alcoholic fruit wine from Hessen with its sweet, but subtly sour taste and served in a pot-bellied jug, the Bembeln, is a must for every tourist visiting Hessen.

Farmer's Market outside view
Karl’s: Rural theme park, farmers’ market and courtyard kitchen

Karl’s is a rural theme park with many attractions for the whole family. Here, you can find hand-finished manufactured products and souvenirs from the Baltic Sea coast.

Craft, Eleven Point angel from Wendt & Kühn
Nussknacker & Co. – Folk art from the Erz Mountains

What would Christmas be without traditional nut crackers, incense smokers, candle holders and pyramids? Created in the Erz Mountains of Saxony, and inseparably linked to the long history of mining in the region.

Regional delicatessen and local delicacies from Hamburg

Alongside traditional products from the surrounding area, fine confectionery and culinary specialities can also be found in the motherland of delicatessen. Tea and chocolate aficionados will find everything their hearts desire in Messmer Momentum and in Chocoversum.

Klaben from Knigge
The Bremer Klaben

The Bremer Klaben is a bread-shaped cake with lots of butter and plenty of raisins. It’s similar to the classical Christmas Stollen, but can be bought in Bremen the whole year round.

Gurkenessende Spreewald forest girl
The Spree Forest gherkins from Brandenburg: Get One!

The most prominent product from Eastern Germany, both before and after Reunification, is the Spreewaldgurke. It’s a popular souvenir as a “Get One” in a can. And a cycle path in Southern Brandenburg has even been named after it.

Typical Harz
The “Typical Harz” regional brand from the Harz“

The “Typical Harz” regional brand indicates to consumers the special quality of products that are produced exclusively in the Harz region in a manner that is friendly to both animals and the environment.

Wilsede, Shepherd with his sheep
Typically Lower Saxon – a wide culinary range

Typical regional specialities, like East Friesian Duck from the maritime north or the tasty heather honey (Heide-Honig) from the Luneburg Heath, are a real treat, and a delight for every palate.

Pumpernickel from NRW
Typical of North Rhine-Westphalia: The Pumpernickel

The pumpernickel, one of the most famous specialities of Westphalia, is a black bread with a delicately sweet taste. It consists of just rye flour and water. Pumpernickel is briefly steamed, rather than baked, at just above 100° C, for a period of between 16 and 24 hours, depending on the feeling and tradition of the producer – and it has been made like this for more than 500 years. Mestemacher from Gütersloh is one of the best-known producers.

rpt Wine-2013, Winery Rainer Klöckner, Guldental
Wine from the Rhineland-Palatinate

Wine production has a long tradition in the region around the Rhine and the Moselle. These fine wines can be tasted and purchased directly from the winemakers.

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