Traditional Sorbian costume. High fashion with heritage.

Traditional craftsmanship in the 21st century.

Many old German traditions still thrive today, lovingly preserved by artisanal craftsmen and small producers, and passed on from generation to generation. Traditions like these often blur the distinction between art and craft. As you watch traditional craftsmen at work, you'll be amazed at how modern old skills can be.

Freiberg is the silver town of Saxony . The grand patrician town houses around Obermarkt square bear witness to Freiberg's prosperous silver mining past. St. Mary's Cathedral with its 'golden portal' is a must-see. It contains priceless art treasures such as the tulip pulpit and a stunning Silbermann organ. You can discover more about mining at attractions such as the Reiche Zeche, the world's oldest educational visitor mine. Or head to Freudenstein Palace to see the world's largest mineralogical collection, Terra Mineralia.

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For over 100 years Bremen has been regarded as a centre of science. From shipbuilding and aircraft construction to space stations and rocket stages, Bremen has cemented its reputation as a home of high-tech industry. People have always been setting off for new horizons from Bremen . The ships of the Hanseatic League linked together the coasts of Europe, and pioneers like Henrich Focke paved the way for modern aviation. Today, Bremen is one of the foremost regions for aerospace in Europe. It was here that Germany's first commercial airport was built and it was here that the European module of the International Space Station was assembled.

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