Frontiers of the Roman Empire: Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes
Frontiers of the Roman Empire: Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes ©DZT, Gundhard Marth
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Frontiers of the Roman Empire: Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes

The longest and one of the most impressive archaeological monuments in Europe, the Limes marks former Roman boundaries from the Rhine to the Danube over a distance of 550km. Around 2,000 years ago its forts, watchtowers, walls and palisades protected the mighty Roman Empire from the Barbarians.

The Limes runs from Bad Hönningen/Rheinbrohl on the Rhine to the Eining fort on the Danube, a short distance from Regensburg. As well as the original Roman ruins there are reconstructions, architectural digs and replicas, and the course of the border wall can still be made out in places as it stretches in long, straight lines across forests and pastureland. Special highlights along the route include the reconstructed Roman fort at Saalburg in Bad Homburg, the Roman museum in Osterburken, the Limes museum with archaeology park and fort in Aalen (southern Germany's largest Roman museum), the Roman baths and the Roman museum and Limes information centre in Weissenburg. The ramparts and moats are the best-preserved parts of the Upper Germanic Limes fortifications, and these are most clearly visible in a number of wooded areas of the Westerwald forest and Taunus hills. You can gain a real insight into the world of the Romans by visiting Saalburg Fort, especially if you combine it with the Rundweg Saalburg tour that takes you about two kilometres through the Taunus hills and around the fort itself. Afterwards, you can stop for a bite to eat in the Taberna museum café. The Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes is not, however, a stand-alone world heritage site, but is part of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire, of which Hadrian's Wall in Britain is the most significant part. Scotland's Antonine Wall was added in 2008. But even on its own, the Limes is more than impressive enough.

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Saalburg Fort, Bad Homburg

Archaeological Park and Museum:

March to October 9am to 6pm daily

November to February 9am to 4pm daily excl. Mondays;

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Roman Museum in Osterburken

Open daily excl. Mondays. Summertime: 10am to 6pm, Wintertime 10am to 5pm

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Aalen Limes Museum


Roman baths in Weissenburg

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Frontiers of the Roman Empire: Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes is part of the 'Roman remains and Bavarian cheer' UNESCO route. Other stops on the route are:

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