Visitors to Metzingen, a town located 30 km south of Stuttgart and around two hours from Zurich, Frankfurt and Munich, will not be disappointed by OUTLETCITY METZINGEN, the true city of fashion on par with the major style capitals of the world.

In this town on the edge of the Swabian Alb mountains, nature and architecture are beautifully intertwined. There is an appreciation of tradition given that the location was once a textile stronghold. This is expressed through the full revitalisation of whole areas, with sustainable building methods keeping the style legacy going with pride whilst helping to protect the environment. Heading through the vineyards, you would never guess that there is a big-city atmosphere in the biosphere area too, with a whole world of fashion straight ahead.

Services for visitors include restaurants and cafés, Outletcity Welcome Center with mutlilingual staff, direct tax refund for non-EU visitors, kids camp and Muslim prayer room.

OUTLETCITY METZINGEN offers business partners an extensive range of exclusive benefits

  • Benefits for tour operators, coach drivers and tour groups
  • Net rates on the OUTLETCITY METZINGEN Shopping Shuttle
  • Free parking for coaches
  • Personnel training courses and incentive trips
  • Personalised consulting and tailor-made trips centered around the OUTLETCITY METZINGEN shopping experience
  • Regional and international partners in an extensive, cooperative network
  • International tourism and marketing activities

Even after a successful shopping trip there is a lot to discover in and around Metzingen.

The historical town is as original and traditional as the OUTLETCITY is future-oriented. Its welcoming atmosphere is probably largely down to its long history of winemaking.

Appropriately, the town's seven wine presses are its most famous landmark. Other highlights in Metzingen that are well worth a visit include the late Gothic St. Martin's Church and the Old Town Hall. Visitors constantly move in an exciting contrast between small country town idyll and cosmopolitan shopping flair.

The region around Metzingen is dominated by viticulture and agriculture. At the Viticulture Museum and the Fruit-growing Museum, visitors can find out more about both subjects. Both museums offer an interesting and informative insight into the history of wine and fruit-growing as well as the traditional crafts associated with them.

But Metzingen is not only surrounded by charming countryside – there is also a number of interesting towns and cities that are ideal for days out.

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