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The German Wine Institute (Deutsches Weininstitut - DWI) is the central communication and marketing organisation of the German wine industry. It is an umbrella organisation for all players of the industry and promotes Wines of Germany on a global scale.

Therefore, DWI supports the work of individual wine makers, wine associations (Genossenschaften), cellars and merchants alike. The aim of the German Wine Institute is to continiously enhance image, quality and sales of fine wines from the 13 wine-growing regions of Germany.

Headquartered in Bodenheim near Great Wine Capital Mainz, the institute currently has some 40 employees and operates thirteen German wine information offices worldwide, including London, New York and Toronto.

The DWI promotes German wines through numerous communication channels: it organises and realises press trips, public relation activities, advertising campaigns and events. The German Wine Institute also gives presentations at trade fairs, organises training courses and seminars and conducts market research. It assures consumers that quality-certified wines from all 13 German wine regions are among the world’s best.

Key aspects of DWI communications are the uniqueness of German winegrowing (cool climate zone), the global significance of German viniculture and the promotion of wine tourism as well as cultural and culinary life.


German wine growing regions:
German wine differs from wines of other countries — it's light, lively and fruity, thanks to Germany's unique climatic and geological conditions. With the exception of Saale-Unstrut and Sachsen in the east, the wine-growing regions are concentrated in the south and southwestern part of Germany. They are among the most northerly wine regions in the world and straddle the border between the humid Gulf Stream climate of the west and the dry continental climate of the east.

The long growing season and moderate summer temperatures bring forth filigree wines that are relatively low in alcohol. The diversity of German wine stems from the many soil types and grape varieties — there is no "uniform" type or style of German wine — and this diversity is reflected in Germany's 13 wine-growing regions.

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Deutsches Weininstitut / German Wine Institute

Platz des Weines 2
55294 Bodenheim, Germany

Phone: 0049-(0)6135-9323-0
Fax: 0049-(0)6135-9323-130


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Fax. +41 44 5200343

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950 Third Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Phone +1 212 9947523

Wines of Germany China Office

Jeuce Huang 黄忱
Project Director 项目总监

Suite 406
Kunyang International Plaza
No. 798 Zhao Jia Bang Rd, Shanghai

Phone: +86 21 5153245

Wines of Germany Polen

Anna Gmurczyk

c/o Deutsch-Polnische Industrie-u. Handelskammer
ul. Miodowa 14
PL-00 246 Warszawa

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Wines of Germany Russia

Serafimovicha, 2, of. 233
119072 Moskau
Tel.: +7 495 281 51 25
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