German Youth Hostel Association (DJH): the world’s largest network of youth hostels

Youth Hostels in Germany – unique and ubiquitous

Youth Hostels are a place of encounter, a space for learning, for unwinding and for leisure activities – and have been so for over 100 years now. They are where you share the fun, where tolerance and responsibility turn into a real-life experience. Plus, many of the roughly 450 Youth Hostels operated by the German National Youth Hostel Association (Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk, DJH) are in spectacular spots: some are located in old fortresses, in castles or unique listed buildings, others on boats, in a windmill or a tower. But the most important thing about Youth Hostels is that their guests experience a true sense of community. Youth Hostels are open to members from all over the world and are a meeting place for all kinds of travellers – young and old, individual or group travellers – be it school classes, holiday camps for children, families, travel groups, clubs or people travelling alone.

Membership in one of the many national hostelling associations is a prerequisite for staying in one of the DJH Youth Hostels. The annual membership fee in the German association DJH is € 7.00 for junior members up to the age of 26 (“Juniors”) and € 22.50 for adults (“27plus”) and entire families (including all underage children).

DJH members are part of an international network of associations: they can experience that unique sense of community in every one of the over 4,000 Youth Hostels in 90 countries around the world. Youth Hostels are governed by the principles of open-mindedness and tolerance; kindness and respect are a given. People with different temperaments and different cultural backgrounds meet here on a daily basis, enjoying good times and creating happy moments together.

You can spend your whole holiday in a Youth Hostel or just stay a night en route to another destination, do sports or attend an educational programme. There’s everything from skiing courses to canoeing, from horseback riding to self-defence courses, from paragliding to internet workshops, from environmental education schemes to cultural programmes. All modern Youth Hostels offer family rooms, function rooms and professional workshop equipment, and breakfast is always included.

Youth Hostels – the perfect place for group travel

You are planning a meeting, conference or workshop? You are looking for the right destination to stay with your sports or music group? Youth Hostels are ideal if you are looking for inspiring group experiences. They provide the perfect conditions for focusing on what’s essential, leaving the beaten path and developing new approaches. The easy-going atmosphere unleashes creativity and makes your activities fun. At Youth Hostels, it’s not about the pressure to perform, it’s about enjoying every moment. This also applies to our sports offer: many Youth Hostels offer a broad range of sports activities, developed in cooperation with local councils and sports clubs, making Hostels a great place for training in a relaxed setting. Choirs or music groups with a wish to get creative also frequently use Youth Hostels for their rehearsal weekends. More information under

Certified quality

All Youth Hostels offer their guests high levels of quality. Most of our hostels operates under an established quality management system, many hostels are certified with a specific profile.

A strong community and a host of advantages

DJH currently has around 2.4 million members, making it one of Germany's largest non-profit associations. The benefits enjoyed by DJH members include:

  • Exclusive access to about 450 Youth Hostels in Germany and 4,000 Youth Hostels around the world,
  • Access to the free DJH app that serves as a digital membership card, source of information, and booking and planning tool, all in one,
  • The free quarterly Extratour magazine for members,
  • Attractive travel insurance policies at low prices,
  • Free mailing of the German Youth Hostels directory and plenty of information material under,
  • A range of discounts under, and
  • A lively social media community on

Inquiries, bookings, reservations

For more than a century, Youth Hostels have stood for the values that make life richer. For all those who go through the world with their eyes wide open. Who wish to experience a sense of community and openly approach others. Be a part of the growing Youth Hostelling community!

You will find everything you need to know about making a reservation or booking on You can book an individual stay or a package offer with a specific theme. Please note that not all Hostels offer these programmes continuously. Mostly, they are only offered at specific dates.

Any questions? Please call our service team on +49 5231 7401-0 from Monday to Friday, 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., or contact us by email to should you have any further questions.

Barrier-free Travel

Inclusive travel

Inclusion is part of the Youth Hostel DNA. Persons with limited mobility or restricted orientation or communication skills are regular and welcome guests at Youth Hostels. DJH is committed to serving communities and has established programmes tailored for young people with a clear educational and social focus. Many of the prerequisites for an inclusive stay are already in place in Youth Hostels today. Under you will find, for a instance, a list of all DJH Youth Hostels that are barrier-free and accessible for e.g. wheelchair users. The following blog post (available in German) provides interesting insights into inclusion in Youth Hostels: .



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You can take our word for it!

For more than a century, Youth Hostels have stood for the values that make life richer. For all those who go through the world with their eyes wide open. For those who want to experience a sense of community and openly approach others. For those who are courageous, or even adventurous at times. Because confident young people don’t need to be corseted, they have a backbone. The only time they’ll twist and turn is for sports, or with laughter. Who live life to the full. Live an enviable life. Get more out of life.