Meissen Porcelain Manufactory - The first Porcelain Manufactory in Europe

House of MEISSEN

Experience the Theme World of the first Porcelain Manufactory in Europe, not far from Dresden. Since the establishment in 1710, MEISSEN stands for passion, extraordinary and indeed unique craftsmanship. At the demonstration workshops of the Manufactory and the museum of Meissen Porcelain Foundation the famous porcelain is brought to life. Exclusive shopping experiences and delicacies at Café & Restaurant MEISSEN top your visit off. The Theme World opens daily and surprises with outstanding events and a special exhibition which sets its focus in 2020 on Paul Scheurich, a famous creator of the Meissen history.

Demonstration Workshops

In the Demonstration Workshops, visitors can learn about the most important artisanal techniques that go into the creation of Meissen porcelain. The tour begins at the potter’s wheel and continues on to embossing all the way to under- and on-glaze painting. The knowledgeable and very experienced manufactory craftsmen are happy to answer questions about their work and the various production steps.

Digitally relive the invention of Europe’s first porcelain

In a new exhibition area, the Museum lets visitors delve into the mysterious origins of Meissen porcelain with the aid of a special multivisual presentation. Dynamic lighting and vivid projections combine with historical exhibits in finest porcelain and, at their heart, the “Philosopher’s Stone” to bring the space dramatically alive. Visitors learn much of interest about Johann Friedrich Böttger, famous alchemist and inventor of Meissen porcelain, and those who assisted him. There is no extra charge for this presentation, which can be viewed in either German or English. A new theme exhibition running from March 2020 focuses on Paul Scheurich, one of the most important porcelain modellers in the Manufactory’s long history.


After visiting the museum and our Demonstration Workshops, the House of MEISSEN® Store is the first point of contact for everyone interested in taking a piece of the manufactory’s more than 300-year history home with them. Here visitors will find the biggest selection of Meissen products, be it sophisticated table services, beautiful figurines, delicate pieces of porcelain jewellery, pieces from our “Limited Masterworks” collection or one-of-a-kind works of art created in collaboration with external artists. Also on offer are various gift formats and souvenirs from Europe’s oldest porcelain manufactory. All products bought here can also be delivered by post.

Culinary delights on Meissen Porcelain

There is a culinary treat in store for guests in our Café & Restaurant MEISSEN. Our patrons’ café is located to the right in the entrance area to our Theme World and delights visitors with culinary delicacies on Meissen Porcelain® throughout the day. Whether people come for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea, we greatly look forward to your visit. A special highlight is our Meissen cake with the world-famous Meissen trademark. Our cuisine staff come up with a new menu every month that will tempt you to try products from the region or take a culinary trip through other countries. Culinary functions and master classes for groups are held all year round in our Theme World, with news of what’s up-and-coming always available at

Towns, Cities and Culture

MEISSEN The house of fine art and handcrafted luxury
Passionate. Exclusive. Immortal.

MEISSEN Porcelain Manufactory stands for extraordinary and indeed unique craftsmanship. With great passion, MEISSEN creates exclusive products in the areas of

  • Limited Artworks
  • Architecture and Interiors
  • Jewellery and Gifts

The combination of our own raw materials, mined at Europe’s smallest pit, the top-secret paint laboratory, where about 10,000 different brilliant colour shades are created, lengthy in-house training and the ongoing influence of Asian and European styles on our work – all that contributes to the unique aesthetics typical of MEISSEN.

The MEISSEN Manufactory has always been keen on setting new artistic standards with innovations.

MEISSEN today has about 600 employees and is represented in 300 authorized dealers as well as its own shops in 30 countries.

Creative Workshop at MEISSEN

From the raw material of porcelain paste to a finished piece of one’s own design, Meissen’s creative workshops give up to 12 participants the opportunity to discover porcelain as a creative medium and gain hands-on experience with fundamental techniques.

Under the tutelage of Meissen’s expert artisans, participants create their own porcelain pieces in the manufactory’s workshop, dabbling in everything from forming and moulding individual elements, affixing handles, and adding decorative paint flourishes such as flowers and leaves.

Once the work is complete, the pieces are handed over to the in-house experts for the final production steps: glazing and firing. Once fired, the finished items are sent to each workshop participant by post.

Table culture at MEISSEN

A three-course meal served on famous MEISSEN Porcelain services from three centuries provides pleasant insights into table culture past and present.

Entertaining stories are shared, circling around table culture, table manners, the delights of the table as well as table arrangements then and now with MEISSEN.

“Tea, Coffee, and Drinking Chocolate – The Three Hot Pleasurable Drinks“

An engaging historical introduction is followed by tasting of tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate with corresponding Meissen porcelain. In addition, a delectably laid table of homemade cakes, tortes, and coffee pralines is served at Café MEISSEN.

Organ recitals

The world’s first organ to feature pipes made of Meissen porcelain® is a consummate example of porcelain art.

Augustus the Strong, founder of the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory, had commissioned an organ with porcelain pipes to be made way back in the early 18th century. It was not until the year 2000 that the job was completed, though. Guests from all over the world have been succumbing to the magic of music produced by MEISSEN porcelain pipes ever since.

Listen to the contrast between wooden, metal and porcelain pipes, when they guide through ages like the museum does.

Group Offers

Experience 1: audio guided tour, bookable in 14 languanges

Demonstration Workshop with audio guide and individual visit of the Museum and special exhibition

Admission charge € 8,- per person incl. VAT

Audio guided tours are available in 14 languages:

Chinese, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish and Czech.

Experience 2: exclusive tours

Exclusive guided tour through the museum, special exhibition and demonstration workshops.

Fee per person, includes entrance fee and fee for guided tour (min 15 and max 30 persons, several guided tours per group bookable):

English: € 18.- per person incl. VAT

German: € 15.- per person incl. VAT

For exclusive tours for groups of less then 15 persons, we charge the following package price:

English: € 270.- incl. VAT

German: € 225.- incl. VAT

Exclusive tours are bookable in 11 languages:

German, English, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Czech.

Price Conditions


Adults: €12.00

Concessionary: €6.00 (children from 6th to 18th birthday, students, severely disabled persons)

Family ticket: €23.00 (2 adults with children up to age 18)

Free admission: children up to the age of 6 and companions of wholly disabled persons

Group rates:

€8.00 / person

Exclusive Tours of the Museum and Demonstration Workshop

German: €15.00 per person incl. VAT

Other languages: €18.00 per person incl. VAT

Max. 30 persons per group/guide, several groups possible

For the further information you can visit our homepage.


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