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Dorint Söl'ring Hof

Söl’ring Hof restaurant on the island of Sylt – where less is more

Chef Johannes King serves up Michelin-starred cuisine in the Söl’ring Hof restaurant in Söl’ring Hof hotel, in a unique location on the Rantum dunes on the island of Sylt, directly on the North Sea. Diners in the 40-cover restaurant can watch Johannes King and his team at work in the open country house kitchen while savouring their creations: perfectly fresh, as organic and natural as possible – enhanced only by the art of cooking.

Michelin-starred chef Johannes King's "less is more" philosophy is also reflected in the fine dishes in his pared-down menu. Traditional staples of starred cuisine are usurped here by local ingredients from Schleswig-Holstein and neighbouring Denmark. They define his dishes and showcase the depth of flavours of North German cuisine.

Söl‘ring Hof
Joahnnes King

Head Chef: Johannes King

Cuisine style*: French, regional, German, fish and seafood

Prices (not including drinks)*: €149

Michelin Guide*:
"Top products meet skilled craftsmanship here in the open kitchen. The result is creative, modern and regional dishes that are carefully conceived and harmonious in every detail. Ingredients are sourced from the restaurant's own farm in Morsum and it also has a fishing boat!"

Contact and Reservations:
Dorint Söl’ring Hof Rantum
Am Sandwall 1
25980 Rantum/Sylt
Tel.: +49 4651 836200
Online Reservations: www.soelring-hof.de

The prices quoted are purely indicative.
*Source: www.bookatable.com