Neustadt on the Wine Route — the cherry on top of a beautiful day!

Located in the Palatinate region on the German “Wine Route”, Neustadt and its wine villages will capture your heart. Surrounded by a sea of grapevines, the city is a centre of German viticulture. As well as for its wine culture, Neustadt became famous for Hambach Castle, which was the scenery of the Hambacher Fest in 1832.

Neustadt stretches from the Rhineland Plain to the Palatinate Forest Nature Park. In addition, there are 12 protected wilderness areas, castles, palaces and numerous other attractions; artistic sculptures weave their way through the town centre. It is worthwhile taking a stroll through the living, historical old quarters to see the idyllic half-timbered houses, a collegiate church from the 14th century, romantic winding streets and courtyards with Mediterranean vegetation, welcoming restaurants, the city’s oldest wine bar (from 1595), small shops, galleries and much, much more. The German Grape Harvest Festival at the end of September/beginning of October includes the selection of the German Wine Queen and is the highlight of the Grape Harvest Festival season. This city may inspire you, as anyone who has ever been there noticed before!


The German Grape Harvest Festival in Neustadt an der Weinstraße is the highlight of the German wine season with the largest wine festival parade, the election of the German  and Palatine wine queens and the w.i.n.e.FESTival taking place at the same time.

Royal anniversaries in Neustadt a. d. W. : On September 28th the 70th German Wine Queen will be elected in Neustadt's magnificent Saalbau Hall. And at the same place, only a few days later, also the now 80th Palatinate Wine Queen. The two new wine sovereigns will then be celebrated on October 14th at Germany's largest wine festival parade on their float. More than 100 other "Royals" from the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region will also join them this year. The highlights of the Grape Harvest festival, which takes place almost simultaneously with the equally popular w. i. n. e. FESTival include: the rustic Palatinate winegrower village "Die Haiselscher" in front of the hall, the colourful fair and the historic Bon Vivant Palace of Mirrors with the Mediterranean Garden on Hetzelplatz. Among the top events of the w. i. n. e. FESTival are: Sparkling Wine-Day - a day of sparkling wines on the national holiday, the young winemaker matinée, the Pinot Noir tasting with fine wines from all over the world, the special event Barolo and Riesling - great wine legends of the terroir in comparison.

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03.10.2019 - 13.10.2019

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Hetzelstraße 1
67433 Neustadt an der Weinstraße

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