The St. Boniface Route – a respite from the outside world

Regarded as one of Germany's most beautiful pilgrimages, the St. Boniface Route is brimming with natural beauty and cultural gems from Mainz to Fulda. It is also an extraordinary route that follows the path of the funeral procession that took St. Boniface to his final resting place in 754.

The gently rolling hills of the vineyards disappear into valleys and lowlands punctuated with forests, adding a smattering of colour like an artist with his paint and brush... This is a world where you can forget about your everyday troubles. By the time pilgrims can see the distant Frankfurt skyline, they will have long been alienated from that world.

Pilgrims on the St. Boniface Route are moved by a mixture of being at one with nature, learning about cultural history and experiencing spiritual moments. Stops to take pause at old rural chapels, wayside shrines or crosses add to this feeling, for example at St. Michael's Church in Karben with its precious old murals inside the church. It is also worth taking a look around the church garden, as well as the rose garden with its beautiful examples of historic rose species. Coming across the "Hans in Luck" statue at the water trough in Düdelsheim or visiting the Vogelsberg Bible Park in Herbstein offer fleeting moments of happiness. Pilgrims seeking cultural history should pay a visit to St. Martin's Cathedral in Mainz, with its magnificent church built in an architectural style symbolising the once inseparable power of church and state. At the end of the St. Boniface Route, which was consecrated in 2004 to mark the 1,250th anniversary of St. Boniface's death, lies Fulda Cathedral and the saint's resting place. Those wishing to truly revel in their experience can enjoy an extra break at Frauenberg Monastery in Fulda, a Franciscan house of God, to get a real feeling of contentment.

The St. Boniface Route

Length of route: approx. 170 km

Pilgrim hostels along the route?: Yes

Starts: Mainz

Ends: Fulda

Arrival options: Mainz Central Station

Departure options: Fulda Central Station

About the route: elevation of between approx. 100 m and 600 m

For information on accommodation, group pilgrimage dates, individual route planning/details on route length (available in a German-language PDF download), visit:

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