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Bad Nauheim – Favoured by nature and climate

The eminent centre for medical science and research, medical therapy and sustainable health care offers a vast selection of cultural and sporting activities.

A powerful combination of heritage, experience and research has enabled Bad Nauheim to become the centre of medicine that it is today. Modern clinics and highly effective therapeutic facilities guarantee the highest possible medical standards.

In addition to health and wellness Bad Nauheim also offers a vast selection of cultural events. Festivals, like the Art Nouveau Festival, the Rose Festival or the European Elvis Festival, attract thousands of visitors to the Bad Nauheim region. The low ranges of the Taunus hills and the cultural landscape of the Wetterau also provide optimal conditions for all kinds of open-air activities in a varied landscape.

Network for health

The Heart, Lung and Vascular Campus, where several partners combine and complement their expertise, is a unique centre of medical science in Germany. The Kerckhoff Rehabilitation Centre, the Harvey Vascular Centre as well as the GZW-Diabetes Clinic cooperate closely with the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research, where clinically oriented research is conducted on an international level. The coexistence of acute medicine and rehabilitation makes it possible for the patient to stay in one location until they fully recover.

Healing power of the springs

Bad Nauheim's 150-year medical heritage is founded on the presence of the mineral-rich springs. The lightly saline water, which ascends from a depth of over 200 metres is rich in trace elements, natural carbon dioxide and iron ascends. It is used for the traditional bathing and drinking cures, but its beneficial health effects can also be experienced at the five graduation houses. The salty brine tickles down the blackthorn bundles and the fine aerosol droplets, which evaporate in the air, have a positive effect on the membranes of your airways. In the inhalation room of graduation house I, you can experience the salty air particularly intensively.

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