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Ulm University Hospital

Specialist field: Urology

Prof. Dr. med. Mark Schrader

Prittwitzstraße 43
89075 Ulm
Tel. +49 (0) 731 500 58 004
Carola Schmid


Professor Mark Schrader

Medical Director of the Department for Urology at Ulm University Hospital


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Professor Mark Schrader: Ulm University Hospital – Department for Urology: the prostate carcinoma centre offering certified expertise

Ulm University Hospital is both an innovator and a partner in the healthcare field, offering specialist departments, institutes, central services, numerous interdisciplinary centres and a total of around 1,130 beds. As a university hospital, it provides patients with top-level, cross-departmental medical care that brings treatment and research together.

The Department for Urology at Ulm University Hospital, under the guidance of Professor Mark Schrader, is one of the largest urological centres in Germany. It offers the full spectrum of modern urology and paediatric urology treatments. This includes minimally invasive surgical techniques, organ-saving tumour surgery, in particular for tumours of the upper urinary tract, and paediatric procedures. Every year we treat around 3,000 inpatients and well over 15,000 outpatients.

As a certified prostate carcinoma centre and oncological centre of excellence recognised by German Cancer Aid, we can provide you with a personalised treatment programme that represents the ideal response to your situation. In our centre, you will be looked after by a team of proven experts spanning a range of disciplines. The Interdisciplinary Prostate Carcinoma Centre in Ulm and the oncologists, radio-oncologists, pathologists, radiologists and practising physicians with whom it cooperates are dedicated to providing the best possible treatment and assistance to prostate cancer sufferers, their relatives and other people seeking advice. As you would expect, a personalised course of treatment is drawn up for every patient after all the different options have been presented to them in an in-depth consultation. Since 2011 we have offered robotassisted radical prostate removal, enabling the highest possible precision. Open and minimally invasive surgical procedures are also carried out as standard. Due to the high level of expertise and extensive experience of the team at the Interdisciplinary Prostate Carcinoma Centre in Ulm, the entire stay in hospital is centred around the surgical treatment of the prostate cancer and meets the highest quality standards in every respect. Just one day after the operation the patient is able to stand up; after a few days they can leave the hospital. All patients are able to choose a suitable course of follow-up treatment and once they have recovered can return to work and take up their hobbies again, just as they did before they got ill.

Ulmʼs Department for Urology is also one of the largest centres worldwide for urinary continence bladder reconstruction using the ‘neo-bladder’. This surgical technique was pioneered at Ulm University Hospital and is being developed and improved all the time. We have performed some of the highest volumes of this procedure and offer you treatment and advice of a highly specialised nature. Our outpatient clinic offers a large number of specialist consultations. We would like to draw your attention in particular here to the tumour consultation for renal cell carcinoma. Because this is a university hospital, patients in whom the cancer has already spread can be included in one of our clinical trials, meaning they benefit from innovative therapy options.

Due to the expertise of our team of physicians, we also serve as a ‘second-opinion centre’ for malignant testicular tumours, recognised by German Cancer Aid and the German Cancer Society.

Our department aims to create an atmosphere of trust that affords our patients the greatest possible quality of life while giving them the best possible treatment.

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