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Neukirchen, Chapel of the Holy Blood (Kapelle beim Heiligen Blut)

The Glass Route – Fascinating creations and glittering crystal worlds

Experience the diverse world of glass and explore its historic roots and international significance on the approximately 250 km Glass Route from Waldsassen, the abbey town in the Upper Palatinate, to the Passau Glass Museum on the Danube which is home to over 15,000 glass objects from across the ages. This is simply the route of routes and the one to visit if you enjoy the art of glass.

The world of glass is a world full of magic, mystery and fascination. Only the glassmakers know how best to use fire and earth to create a material made almost entirely of light. Today there are very few regions left that still practice this ancient craft so creatively, it is in the depths of Eastern Bavaria that this journey through the world of glass begins.

A goldmine of insider tips

Glass creations of all kinds showcase their splendour along the Glass Route. Things really hot up when you visit the glassworks because it takes an incredible 1500°C to turn quartz sand, soda and chalk into a crystal work of art or a captivating trinket. In addition to glass items made by their experts, some glassworks along the Glass Route also allow visitors to make their own works of art. Under the expert guidance of the glassblowers, visitors can discover how glass objects can be manipulated into a masterpiece using the hands and mouth: an experience that is a unique memento of a trip along the Glass Route.

Unspoiled nature and unparalleled wilderness

The Bavarian Forest National Park,, Upper Palatinate Forest and glass – truly a feast for the eyes! Imagine the scene – the glass is the star of the show and the Bavarian Forest and Upper Palatinate Forest provide the accompaniment. Or perhaps it is the other way around? The sight of the sun dipping down behind the rolling forest hills, the vibrant blue and white of the Bavarian sky, the inviting crystal-clear lakes and streams overlooked by the Rachel, Lusen, and Dreisesselberg mountains, and the world's longest tree top walk, will leave you almost breathless. A real find for nature lovers who like to commune with nature, relax and unwind!

Fine interiors

From the deepest chasm in the Earth to the most beautiful basalt cone in Europe, the Upper Palatinate is home to many exceptional sights. However, a leisurely shopping trip for glass and porcelain is also fun, especially if you are able to snap up a few bargains at one of the route's factory outlets. Whether an elegant addition to a household table or a work of art to be hung on a wall, glass makes other ornaments pale in comparison.

The Glass Route

Length: approximately 250 km

Theme: nature, culture, glass art and glass craftsmanship

Arrach: Nature Art Parks, Museum of Crafts
Bodenmais: Joska Interactive Exhibition & Glass-blowing Works, silver mine
Frauenau: glass gardens, glass museum, drinking water reservoir
Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab: Europe's lead crystal capital
Passau: crystal ship, glass museum
Regen: glass forest, Weissenstein castle ruins
Tittling: Bavarian Forest museum town
Viechtach: Glass Barn (Gläserne Scheune)
Waldsassen: Cistercian abbey, basilica, pilgrimage route
Zwiesel: Crystal Pyramid, Dampfbier brewery