Restaurant Rosin – fine dining with a down-to-earth feel in the Ruhr area

A gourmet restaurant that shows football matches? It may sound unusual, but for Frank Rosin it's perfectly normal. The chef and music lover opened a restaurant in his home town of Dorsten on the outskirts of the Ruhr area in 1991. His restaurant has already been awarded its second Michelin star. Its enduring down-to-earth feel pays testimony to his love for his homeland, for the Ruhr area and for his grandmother's cooking.

The master chef believes that herein lies the source of his own culinary skills. His menus demonstrate a creative take on traditional local cuisine. Rosin finds himself in demand even outside the kitchen. As a TV chef, he advises less successful restaurateurs and is also a musician. A true native of the Ruhr area, he is also passionate about football and even invites guests to watch major matches in his Michelin-starred restaurant.

Restaurant Rosin

Head Chef: Frank Rosin

Cuisine style*: creative, modern

Prices (not including drinks)*: €55 to €140

Michelin Guide:
"After more than 25 years, there are no signs of stagnation at Restaurant Rosin. You can feel this in the pleasant atmosphere, avoiding any overly formal feel, as well as in the impeccable service under Jochen Bauer and sommelier Susanne Spies, and the flavoursome and sophisticated dishes based on the finest ingredients and prepared by the charismatic owner and his Head Chef Oliver Engelke."

Contact and Reservations:
Restaurant Rosin
Hervester Str. 18
46286 Dorsten-Wulfen
Tel.: +49 2369 4322
Online Reservations:

The prices quoted are purely indicative.

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