Michelstadt townhall
Michelstadt townhall ©Kulturamt Stadt Michelstadt
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Visitors' Choice 2017
Michelstadt townhall

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Michelstadt. Germany’s most original town hall

There are plenty of historical town halls in Germany but probably the most beautiful of them all is the one in Michelstadt in the romantically situated Odenwald low mountain range. You’d have to search far and wide to find one as fancy and unique as this.

The world around 1500: you could say it has been preserved true to the original here. Incredibly romantic timber-framed buildings, little crooked lanes, pretty houses and the lively hustle and bustle around the market square. And in between tiny shops, lovely cafés, bakeries, cider pubs, restaurants and no less than three breweries.

The town hall. Simply magical.

In the centre is the historical town hall that looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale film with its pointed gables and bay turrets. The Diebsturm (Thief’s Tower) by the town wall, which doesn’t have a door or window on the ground floor just like in the Rapunzel fairy tale, goes perfectly with this. If you take the Early Medieval Kellereihof, Late Gothic town church, ancient Einhards-Basilika and of course the legendary landscape of the Odenwald low mountain range too there’s just one thing for it: go there yourself... and be enchanted.

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