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Black Forest Panoramic Route – A panoramic tour with great views

Welcome to the Black Forest Panoramic Route, an automobile or motorcycle tour par excellence! It's a tempting proposition that more than lives up to expectations. This picturesque route from Feldberg to Waldkirch is almost 70 km long and on a clear day offers astounding views that reach from the Northern Black Forest across the Rhineland Plain to the Vosges mountains in Alsace and sometimes even the Swiss Alps.

Cuckoo clocks, Black Forest houses, Bollenhut hats, Black Forest ham, Black Forest gateau or cherry brandy (Kirschwässerle), the Black Forest nature reserve and the Southern Black Forest nature reserve: all of this and of course a thousand beautifully twisting roads spring to mind when you think of the Black Forest. With its mountains, trees and farmhouses nestled in lush greenery, narrow winding streets and mysterious-sounding place names such as Witches Hole (Hexenloch), Ravenna gorge (Ravennaschlucht) or the Schauinsland mountain, the Black Forest is like something out of a fairy tale.

A Panorama Tour

The Black Forest Panoramic Route is a mountain route that runs mostly along the gently curving B500 road over the green hilltops of the Black Forest. Right at the beginning, you will have to conquer the spiraling stretch of road up to Kandel (1242 m and with a stunning view) which sits at an altitude of some 1000 metres.

A charming detour

This route includes many charming detours. After all, it's not always about getting from A to B as quickly as possible: you should get there in the most beautiful way possible too! Nestled between the mountain peaks and ridges, you will find delightful valleys such as the Simonswald Valley, Elz Valley, the Glottertal or the petite Wiesen Valley, all of which are in their own very different settings.

A photoshoot with nature

On this panorama tour through the gently rolling, green hills between Feldberg and Kandel, you should insist on making a stop every now and again to take a few pictures and stroll through nature. After all, the cycle paths and footpaths running parallel to the main route are simply regaled with rich countryside and culture.

Black Forest Panoramic Route

Length: approximately 70 km

Theme: countryside, culture

Kandel mountain: hiking, rock climbing, hang gliding and paragliding
Breitnau: glass-blowing works, the Ravenna Bridge, the Höllental railway (Höllentalbahn),
Feldberg mountain: hiking, winter sports
Hinterzarten: climactic health resort, Adler Ski Stadium, museums
St. Märgen: health resort and pilgrimage site, nature discovery park, monastery museum
St. Peter: monastery church, monastery library, Black Forest houses and mills
Titisee-Neustadt: the Gutachtal Bridge (Gutachtalbrücke), Lake Titisee, minster
Waldkirch: castle ruins, Elztal Museum, treetop path