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Bad Wurzach Palace

Swabian Spa Route – Just get away from the everyday stress!

Here you'll be in safe hands. The Swabian Spa Route, which stretches some 180 km from Überlingen on Lake Constance and through Bad Wörishofen in the Allgäu to Füssen in Ostallgäu, is the ideal place to pamper yourself, enjoy some "me time", daydream, switch off and let go.

Passing through exceptionally beautiful, sun-kissed countryside, you will lose yourself in the Mediterranian-esque Lake Constance, the undulating hills of Upper Bavaria, the Allgäu region of the Alpine foothills and the sublime cliffs of the Allgäu Alps.

Experience a real sense of wellbeing

Ten spas and health resorts that offer new and traditional health treatments en route provide a haven for the body and soul. Here you can replenish your energy levels and gather new strength from the health-giving properties of curative natural mud, soothingly warm thermal water and holistic naturopathic treatments based on the teachings of Father Kneipp. 7 Thermal springs, rich in sulphur and fluoride, well up from depths of up to 1800 m to feed the spas and their pool complexes, imparting not only a therapeutic effect but also a sense of total relaxation.

Kneipp therapy and peat spas

By 1850 Sebastian Kneipp, who invented the medicine of the same name, had already discovered the unique healing properties of the water here, and a course of his hydrotherapy treatments is an excellent tonic. Kneipp hydrotherapy, a peat spa, Nordic fitness or aqua biking: there are healthy activities for everyone on offer, from preventive exercise programmes to therapeutic treatments. All you have to do is lie back, relax and enjoy the treats the Swabian Spa Route's spas have to offer. Don't just talk about pampering yourself, do it!

Swabian Spa Route

Length: approximately 180 km

Theme: health, wellness, countryside

Aulendorf: spa town, the Schwaben-Therme spa resort
Bad Buchau: Lake Federsee, Adelindis spa resort
Bad Grönenbach: collegiate church (Stiftskirche), castle
Bad Saulgau: Sonnenhof spa resort, golf, hiking
Bad Schussenried: ballooning, e-bikes, museums
Bad Waldsee: golf, spa, historical old quarter
Bad Wörishofen: hydrotherapy health resort, Skyline Park, sports
Bad Wurzach: mud spa
Überlingen: hydrotherapy spa