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German Oceanographic Museum with Ozeaneum – at home with Happy Feet and Nemo

The German Oceanographic Museum and Ozeaneum in Stralsund invite visitors to the lively examination of the underwater world through modern aquariums and exhibitions.

The Oceanographic Museum, which is located in the heart of the World Heritage Town of Stralsund, is the oldest site of the German Oceanographic Museum’s foundation and accommodates exhibitions of marine science, biodiversity as well as the themes whales, coral reefs and fishery. Numerous interesting exhibits, valuable information and several dissected marine animals will await you here. Furthermore, 36 lovingly designed aquariums allow you a glimpse into the habitats of both the tropes and the Mediterranean. With a capacity of 350000 liters, the turtle pool is one of the largest of its kind in Germany and would be well worth visiting in its own right.

The OZEANEUM is the fourth and newest location of the German Oceanographic Museum’s foundation. Besides spectacular architecture with a façade of white ship steel, visitors can experience the world’s biggest exhibition on whales, including reproductions of the maritime giants in their original size. A total of 50, partly enormous, saltwater aquariums as well as five modern expositions take you on an extraordinary journey through the underwater world of the northern seas. Further highlights during the tour are, amongst others, an experience exhibition for children, a spacious penguin enclosure on the rooftop, but also Europe’s biggest Baltic Sea exposition.

Legoland: LEGO Freunde

In 2018, the OZEANEUM celebrates its 10th anniversary. For this purpose, the largest aquarium “Open Atlantic” was redesigned. Behind a 50 m² tall wraparound windshield, shoals, rays and sharks can be observed. Also, a real eye-catcher is the faithfully reproduced, almost eleven meter long shipwreck, which serves as living space for the fishes.

Another novelty are the natural models of a narwhal couple in the museum’s foyer. This whale species, which grows about 5 meter long and has a strongly extended tusk, enlarges the world’s largest whale exposition “1:1 Giants of the Sea” in the OZEANEUM. Here, you can find impressive, original sized models of blue, humpback and sperm whales, as well as orcas.