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Rostock Zoo: animal fun on the Baltic coast

Rostock Zoo, the biggest zoo on Germany's Baltic coast, guarantees a fun day out for families at any time of year. The 56-hectare site within Barnstorf woodland park is home to more than 2,000 animals spanning some 250 different species.

As well as keeping the animals you would typically expect, Rostock Zoo focuses specifically on breeding and rearing animals from the Arctic and the northern seas. The polar bear enclosure at the heart of the zoo is one of the most popular attractions here. It's hard to know where to begin your visit: at the enclosures of elephants, cheetahs, big cats, hoofed animals, Kodiak bears, crocodiles, coatis or pelicans, in the rainforest pavilion, the seabird aviary, the wading bird meadow or the South American house. And at many places, there are also games and activities to try out right next to the animal enclosures. Tireless kids are well catered for by adventure playgrounds, the climbing wall, the arc and the petting zoo with its pygmy goats and llamas. The zoo is also dotted with various discovery stations, giving little zoologists the chance to find out all about the animals: they get to climb like an ape, balance on one leg for as long as a flamingo or hop like a kangaroo. The zoo also boasts a wonderful selection of trees and copses, which bear witness to its origins as a dendrological garden. These include a 125-year-old giant redwood, an avenue of oaks, a rhododendron grove and a dahlia section.


Nowhere else in Europe is quite like DARWINEUM, the innovative natural history discovery centre at Rostock Zoo. Its exhibition zones, which are arranged chronologically, explore the evolution from the Big Bang to the modern human. These include an ape house, a rotunda-styled interactive exhibition with a jellyfish aquarium, and extensive outdoor enclosures. Also popular with families is the huge seabird aviary, which you can walk through and see Inca terns, black-winged stilts and other wading birds.


The Hanse Sail regatta in Rostock, capital of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, was the result of a great sea change. During the first summer after German reunification, the town and the region hosted the first Hanse Sail to celebrate the freedom of their reopened sea borders. Every year since 1991, this big, exciting maritime festival has attracted up to a million visitors to Rostock's shores.

Every year on the second weekend in August, up to 300 tall ships, schooners, sloops, cruise ships, ferries, museum ships, vintage yachts and other sea-going vessels make the trip to Rostock to be paraded in front of delighted spectators. There are opportunities for trips and short cruises on the Baltic Sea on most of the ships. One of the regatta's undisputed highlights takes place on Saturday evening, with two simultaneous fireworks displays creating a half-hour spectacle of magical beauty. The particular year's selected partner country and other Baltic countries present their food and crafts at the museum port. There's also a medieval fair, several stages, a Ferris wheel and plenty of other attractions spread out along nearly four kilometres. Unlike Kiel Week, there are no sporting regattas at Hanse Sail except for the nostalgic Hiorten regatta between Rostock and Karlskrona in Sweden to commemorate the mail boat that operated between Stralsund and Ystad from 1692 to 1702 – a somewhat older tradition than the wonderful Hanse Sail.

Επόμενες ημερομηνίες:

08.08.2019 - 11.08.2019

Τόπος εκδήλωσης

Warnowufer 65
18057 Rostock

Χωρίς εγγύηση για την ορθότητα των τιμών, των ημερομηνιών και των ωρών λειτουργίας.

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