The right venue for every industry

Organisers are increasingly looking for conference venues in destinations that are appropriate to their industry. Specialist local knowledge is required, plus an overview of Germany's key industries and key locations.

Traditionally, three factors are needed for an event to be successful: easy accessibility, top-quality technical equipment and good value for money. But more and more organisers are also ensuring that venues offer an environment appropriate to the content of the conference. For example, international organisations are increasingly looking for convention locations where their sphere of interest is represented by highly respected companies, research institutes, initiatives and opinion-formers. As well as valuable contacts, this ensures that there is a lively exchange of views and suitable ancillary activities. In other words, the focus is on conference and convention locations where there is specialist knowledge and industry expertise.

Germany's destinations are world leaders – and therefore ideal settings for conferences – in six main areas of expertise: medicine and healthcare (including fields such as medical technology and the healthcare industry), transport and logistics (including automotive engineering, transport system engineering and aerospace), chemicals and pharmaceuticals (including disciplines such as life sciences and biotechnology), technology and innovation (from mechanical engineering and IT to microelectronics and nanotechnology), energy and the environment and financial services. The menu above will help you to decide which city or region provides the most appropriate environment for your conference.

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