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View from below of the Holsten Gate in Lübeck

Lübeck's historical old quarter

Founded in the 12th century, the town of Lübeck with its historical old quarter is today a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its romantic pathways and courtyards as well as a wealth of the old quarter's attractions can be discovered via accessible guided tours led by professional guides in 16 languages.

Uniting Max Liebermann and Hans Meid in a joint exhibition seems suprising at first glance, though even more worth it at second glance.
What combines Liebermann and Meid is the quantity of their graphical works. But despite of the overlapping of some subjects like riders in the zoological garden, excursion restaurants or bathers, fundamental differences can't be overlooked. Go on an extraordinary and suprising discovery tour during this worth-seeing exhibition.

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15.09.2019 - 05.01.2020

Mjesto održavanja manifestacije

Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus
Königstraße 9
23552 Lübeck

Ne odgovaramo za cijene, termine i radno vrijeme.
For the beginning of the new theatre season, 25 theatres of Lübeck and 15 stages invite to Lübeck’s night of theatres.

Visitors can watch theatre plays, operetta, dancing and puppet theatre until midnight. Experience pure variety with musical, drama, singing and dancing. Small and well-known stages open their doors and present  a varied programme until midnight.

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Mjesto održavanja manifestacije

23552 Lübeck
Fon: 0451 122 4101
Fax: 0451 122 4106


Hansestadt Lübeck Fachbereich Kultur und Bildung
Schildstr. 12
23539 Lübeck
Fon: 0451 122 4101
Fax: 0451 122 4106

Ne odgovaramo za cijene, termine i radno vrijeme.
The "Christmas City of Northern Germany" invites to several fantastically festive Christmas markets all over the medieval Old Town.
Particularly now at Christmas, the UNESCO World Heritage Site enchants with its magnificent scenery and special cultural events. Have a browse through the decorated streets of the Old Town and through the beautiful Christmas and craft markets with your family and friends. Different markets for both young and old, magnificent craft markets as well as a ferris wheel and an ice skating rink provide for an unforgettable pre-Christmas experience.

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25.11.2019 - 30.12.2019

Mjesto održavanja manifestacije

Lübecker Innenstadt
23552 Lübeck

Ne odgovaramo za cijene, termine i radno vrijeme.

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