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St. Anne's Path, Heiligengrabe

St. Anne's Path – on a journey in hope of a small miracle

St. Anne: the patron saint of guilds, women, mothers and laymen. Legend has it that the church in Alt Krüssow, Brandenburg with St. Anne's robe was a major pilgrimage destination in the Middle Ages. Pilgrims can now retrace the saint's steps on the St. Anne's Path pilgrimage trail.

It was not just St. Anne's robe that inspired believers to make their way to Alt Krüssow in Brandenburg in the Middle Ages. Many crutches could still be found in the church in the 18th century, long after the Reformation, which put a temporary stop to pilgrimages, even in Prignitz. They belonged to those who were waiting for a miracle and had returned home full of hope...

St. Anne's Path, a 22 km circular route connecting the pilgrimage church in Heiligengrabe to Alt Krüssow and the rural church in Bölzke, was established in 2011 based on the pilgrimage to Alt Krüssow. With the clouds above their heads and the path beneath their feet, pilgrims can go on a humbling hike through forests and fields and explore their inner self. There are plenty of benches along the route for those who want to relax and dwell on their thoughts. It is impossible to get lost on this pilgrimage route, as the stones labelled "Annenpfad" show pilgrims the way and make it easy for all, even those with little experience! Every year, Maundy Thursday marks the start of the St. Anne's Path's pilgrimage season. Pilgrims seeking depictions of St. Anne can find them in the Church of St. Nicholas in Pritzwalk, Heiligengrabe Abbey or in the chapel of the church in Alt Krüssow, where St. Anne dominates the decorative altar (for information (in German) on guided tours, visit: www.wallfahrtskirche-alt-kruessow.de).

St. Anne's Path

Total length of route: 22 km circular route

Pilgrim hostels: not required

Starts/ends: Heiligengrabe

Arrival/departure options: change at Berlin Central Station for regional express trains to Heiligengrabe

Departure options: Heiligengrabe

About the route: day tour; pilgrims can choose to start the route in Heiligengrabe, Bölzke or Alt Krüssow