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Sharpen your senses at Schloss Freudenberg discovery centre

Schloss Freudenberg in Wiesbaden is a one-of-a-kind attraction in Hessen. Neither museum nor exhibition, it describes itself as a 'discovery centre for sharpening the mind and the senses'. Its huge collection of equipment and experiments explore the phenomena of hearing, vision and movement.

On entering the grounds of Schloss Freudenberg via the main gate, you are immediately struck by the large barefoot sensory path. Even the youngest visitors are left feeling inspired by the sensory experiences. Once you have tried out the humming stone, made a heavy boulder sway using a thread, explored the labyrinth, inspected the wind harp and visited the healing herb garden, the kids won't need any help finding their way to the double swing. There's still plenty of natural parkland to climb around in too. The new Nepalese swing near the labyrinth, which can swing you up to eight metres in the air, is great fun for everyone. The 'geomancy' transports you to a place of power, where, for example, you can feel the force of nature from beneath a swaying rock weighing several tonnes. Follow the stone maze, whose layout dates back to 500 BC, or try to see into the future through a witches' cauldron like the priests and shamans of old. There's even more to be found inside the house – names such as the flow field, cloud machine, Newton's cradle, giant triple time pendulum and scent organ spark the imagination. Here, you can experience whole new perspectives on sounds, melodies, smells, darkness, light and much more besides.


This is a laboratory where children and grown-ups can experiment for hours on end – with musical stones, singing bowls, sand that 'dances' to sounds, optical illusions and more. In the Passage of Darkness, you have to feel your way through the walkways before you can enjoy a drink or snack in the Dunkelbar ('dark bar') – everyday tasks prove quite a challenge in the blackness. Little ones can run around to their hearts' content at Schloss Freudenberg, trying out interactive exhibits and enjoying new sensations. You can explore all the facilities with or without a guide. In the winter there is a very special addition: the ice chamber where frostwork and icicles grow in a constant temperature of minus 22ºC. In addition to the Dunkelbar, Schloss Freudenberg has a café and the Nacht-Mahl restaurant, where food and drink are served in total darkness to heighten your other senses.


Rhineland-Palatinate's Summer of Culture takes place every year from 1 May to 3 October and features well over 200 projects covering all kinds of different cultural aspects. The theme is revised annually to reflect new focuses for the content, and the venue for the grand opening also changes every year. A large cultural festival on the first weekend in May offers families their first peek at the summer's programme of events.

The Summer of Culture is extremely wide-reaching in its scope, with events held across the state covering cultural, religious, artistic and social themes. In early 1992 the Rhineland-Palatinate state government announced the staging of the first Rhineland-Palatinate Summer of Culture, the aim of which was to increase people's awareness of the region's attractive cultural programme. Rural areas were particularly targeted in the hope of stimulating people's interest and of spreading pleasure in art and culture, in discussion and debate. What the organisers had – and continue to have – in mind was a sort of 'citizens' movement for culture'. And the Summer of Culture is, in fact, characterised by the large number of small projects and ideas at its core that were themselves developed out of local or regional initiatives. With almost 250 events including concerts, readings, exhibitions, children's activities, theatre and much more, the festival is a marvellous melting pot of people and ideas.

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