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Hellabrunn Zoo Munich

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Visitor information

  • Open all year
  • Wheelchair hire
  • Tours – incl. in English
  • Special tours with night-vision goggles
  • Feeding displays, bird of prey show, dove show
  • Special events


Hellabrunn Zoo – for globetrotters and animal lovers alike

Munich's Hellabrunn Zoo opened in 1911 in the Isar floodplains conservation area. With more than 19,000 animals in around 40 hectares of grounds, it is one of the biggest and most bio-diverse zoos in Germany and was the world's very first 'geo-zoo'.

Hellabrunn Zoo is home to more than 19,000 animals from around 750 species. Penguins, elephants, kangaroos, sea lions, birds of prey and tigers: from the most comical of monkeys to the cutest of cubs, animals from all continents are grouped together here with other creatures from the same geographical regions.
Just like in the wild, the African giraffe savannah is populated by giraffes, meerkats and porcupines. But it's not all outdoor enclosures here. There are also fascinating worlds hidden away in the animal houses: the reptiles are found in the jungle house, where they live under one roof with gorillas, chimpanzees, birds and tropical fish. In the aquarium you can see more than 9,000 fish, corals and jellyfish as well as the blacktip reef sharks swimming around in their 14-metre-long tank.


The children's zoo with its adventure playground and petting zoo is always popular with the little ones. Hellabrunn Zoo also has a toddler-friendly water park with a treetop trail and family-friendly café. People of all ages will love the shows and feeding displays featuring the elephants, polar bears and lions. The undisputed stars among the zoo's inhabitants are the adorable baby animals. With more than 19,000 animals at Hellabrunn Zoo there are new additions throughout the year and each one is looking forward to your visit!

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