Herbert Grönemeyer – moral authority

Herbert Grönemeyer's honest, open and committed style has won the singer many admirers. Since his hit album Mensch (2002), he has had three number one hits in Germany including the 2006 World Cup anthem Zeit, dass sich was dreht.

Grönemeyer was born in Göttingen and grew up in Bochum. He began his career at Bochum theatre as a stage musician and actor, becoming musical director in 1976. Fittingly his breakthrough as a musician came with the album 4630 Bochum (1984), which was more successful in Germany than Michael Jackson's Thriller. Since then, all of Grönemeyer's studio albums have reached the top spot in the German charts. In the 1980s Grönemeyer enjoyed additional success as an actor, with roles in Das Boot, Frühlingssinfonie and Väter und Söhne. He wrote the soundtrack to the film The American (2010, with George Clooney).

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