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GONDWANA – The Prehistoric World: a Jurassic adventure - hear the dinosaurs roar

GONDWANA – the prehistoric themed world in Schiffweiler in the Saarland region – is an amazing indoor experience that will take the whole family on a journey from the Big Bang to the first life forms on Earth. Suitable for ages four and above.

Marvel at life-sized dinosaurs and plenty more besides! GONDWANA is a truly unique visitor attraction – a cross between prehistoric park and natural history museum. State-of-the-art animations and audiovisual effects enable you to witness more than four billion years of life on Earth evolving before your very eyes. What else is there to see at GONDWANA? How about the greatest dinosaur show of all time! It's a dazzling, one-of-a-kind spectacle starring gigantic animatronic dinosaurs, including the titanosaurus, giganotosaurus and aucasaurus, who meet in the arid landscape of Cretaceous Patagonia and menace one another and their newly hatched offspring. Monster scorpions, giant dragonflies and ravenous dinosaurs are just some of the creatures brought back to life inside the prehistoric park's exhibition halls. Journey through breathtaking and realistic scenes from our planet's history, watching gargantuan dinosaurs on the hunt for prey. Simulations of meteorite impacts, devastating floods and other natural disasters provide an insight into the Earth's history and what life might have been like in prehistoric times. These impressive recreations of landscapes and life forms are so convincing, they will give you goosebumps.


Children won't know where to begin at the indoor playground, Gondi's Dinowelt. Perhaps with the ball volcano and waterfall, the trampolines, the rope bridges, the tunnels or the fast slides? In the middle of the hall is a wooden dinosaur climbing frame that stands over eight metres tall. From its claws right up to its head, this dino structure offers plenty of space for fun and games across several levels. Kids will also love whizzing around on the 'dinocarts' circuit. Out in the grounds, scientists of all ages can unearth the reproduction skeleton of a 65 million year old Tyrannosaurus rex in a landscape of rocks and water, or have a go at digging for fossils. There are also places to get food and drink, so you can keep up your strength for more dinosaur adventures!