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Regensburg: bedchamber in St. Emmeram Palace

Sisi's Road – An imperial dream road

The border crossing European cultural route, Sisi's Road, is approximately 2000 km long and is your guide to locations that played an important role in the life of the Empress of Austria and the Queen of Hungary. As a cosmopolitan woman, Sisi travelled all through Europe. Why not do the same?

Uncover the secrets of Sisi and her palaces! Combining all the wonder of fairy tales, dramatic, romantic nature and the grandeur of Europe's noble families, this enchanting route runs from Augsburg in the Wittelsburger Land to Füssen, through Austria to Budapest and then on to Italy, Greece and Switzerland. Sampling some Tokajer wine and cinnamon ice cream along the way will make for a truly majestic experience.

Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie of Wittelsbach

Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie of Wittelsbach (Sisi), the daughter of the Bavarian duke Maximilian Joseph and Ludovika of Bavaria, was born on 24 December 1837 and would later become one of the most influential, fascinating and beautiful women in Europe. She married the Habsburg emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and was considered one of the most well-educated and interesting women in the world. But who was she really?

Reminders of Sisi can be found everywhere

Sisi's Road is a chance to get to know more about the beautiful and mysterious empress. Starting in Augsburg, the cultural route leads you through significant places of Sisi's youth such as "Sisi's Palace" in the village of Unterwittelsbach, her birthplace of Munich and the legendary Rose Island (Roseninsel) on Lake Starnberg. Continuing on from there, you can then visit the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein near Füssen.

A life defined by happiness and self-doubt

A cosmopolitan woman, Sisi travelled throughout Europe to Bavaria, Austria, Hungary, Greece, the Adriatic Coast in Italy and to Geneva in Switzerland; it was here in September 1898 that her life came to a tragic end.

A gathering place for Sisi's admirers

Sisi's Road is a distinctive route through cities, spell-binding castles, memorials, interesting museums, gardens and parks that played a particularly important role in the life of this exceptional monarch and that continue to do so, even now over 100 years after her death. The route also plays host to a selection of hotels offering beauty and fitness packages inspired by Sisi and her beauty.

Sisi's Road

Length: 2000 km

Theme: the life of Queen Elisabeth of Austria

Augsburg: the Fugger family, puppet theatre, Elisabeth's brother's house (Wohnhaus Bruder Elisabeths), Maximilianstraße (historic street)
Aichach: Unterwittelsbach moated palace
Füssen: royal palaces
Possenhofen: Empress Elisabeth Museum, Lake Starnberg

Vienna: Hofburg Palace, Sisi Museum
Bad Ischl: Imperial Villa (Kaiservilla)

Gödöllö Palace

Merano: Trautmannsdorff Castle
Trieste: Miramare Castle

Corfu: Achilleion Palace

Geneva: Hotel Beau Rivage