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Visitor information

  • Open late March to early November
  • Animal park and play barn open all year
  • 24., 25., 26., 31.12. and 1 January
  • Guided tours


Jaderberg Zoo and Adventure Park – a winning combination

Jaderberg Zoo and Adventure Park – situated on the North Sea coast between Oldenburg and Wilhemshaven – is an adventure park, play barn and zoo rolled into one. With its fantastic mix of family attractions, one day is simply not long enough!

The theme park at Jaderpark is all about action and thrills. The 1.5-hectare site offers a whole host of rides and attractions: the log flume promises plenty of splashes and spills, while the children's carousels, the rollercoaster, sports equipment, play areas and two entertaining electronic theatres offer fun and adventure. Kids can enjoy the views from the children's Ferris wheel or on a ride on the park's very own railway. Other attractions for the little ones include the all-weather play barn with its Babyland, the giant Lego bricks for creative play, the inflatable toys, the slide, the football field and the climbing maze. Children can also bounce around on the trampolines, seeing who can jump the highest, or whizz down the seemingly endless wave slide! At the adventure park, you can go on safari on the Jade Express to see the giraffes, or travel by boat to the jungle. The centrepiece of the adventure park is a realistic rendition of the steppes of Africa, where you can watch giraffes, zebras and other animals grazing, and where you can keep an eye out to see if the ostrich really does bury his head in the sand!


Some 35 mammals and 70 bird, fish and reptile species live on five hectares at Jaderberg animal park. This small zoo boasts spacious aviaries in which macaws and Amazon parrots can fly around. The adorable lorises and parakeets delight everyone at the park. You can also see a variety of animals in winter at the zoo's five tropical houses: metre-long giant snakes at the Americas House, cute pygmy hippos at the Tropical House, giraffes at the Giraffe House, tapirs at the Tapir House and everything from reptiles and lizards to spiders at the Exotarium. The park's primates include ring-tailed lemurs, ruffed lemurs, cotton-top tamarins, grey langurs, capuchin monkeys and siamangs. Lions and cheetahs represent the big cats, and there are also red kangaroos, cheeky meerkats and raccoons. The park wouldn't be complete without a petting zoo for the little ones, for whom a hopping rabbit to stroke and run around after is a lot more fun than a lion asleep inside an enclosure.

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