South route: the Black Forest
South route: the Black Forest ©Road Concept Marketing + Verlags GmbH, Erlensee
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The German Motorbike Route

German Motorbike Route – An absolute MUST once in every biking fan's life

The over 10,000 km German Motorbike Route runs in the shape of a clover leaf through the country's most beautiful motorbiking regions. Curvy race circuits, the hottest biker gatherings, motorbiking highlights, motorbike museums, meals and accommodation with biker-friendly hosts – this route is far and away the best way to experience everything Germany has to offer motorcyclists.

The German Motorbike Route, nicknamed "Pan Germania", is the route all trendsetters should have saved in their sat nav. Around 10,000 km of sheer driving pleasure, which has much in common with the spirit of the legendary "Route 66", lies ahead. The route was officially opened in 2004 by none other than the brilliant German motorcycle design engineer Friedel Münch during the traditional Vogelsberg Motorbike Festival.

A go-to destination

This diverse route runs along romantic, dipping roads that wind their way along rivers and lakes, curved roads that run through tunnels and roads with outstanding panoramic views. Some stretches also invite visitors to take a "walk on the wildside" and certainly won't be forgotten in a hurry. The route runs through sleepy towns and buzzing cities where a pitstop for a spot of shopping is always recommended.

When the wheels of the motorbike start turning

The Alps provide an awe-inspiring backdrop to a number of stretches along the German Motorbike Route, but if you're looking to put your driving skills to the test here, make sure you already have some experience. There are endless options for discerning bikers, for example the legendary German highlands and the wind, clear air and expansive landscape of the North and Baltic Seas. Germany's romantic eastern coastline is also characterised by strange coastal formations, endless avenues and towns.

A new destination every day

Don't forget about Germany's wine-growing regions: the grape harvests and countless wine and winemaking festivals are reasons to visit in themselves. A particular dream for any biker is a visit to the largest extinct volcano in Europe, the Vogelsberg hills on Route 276 that can be reached through gently curving roads, idyllic towns and river valleys. But be warned: a sense of adventure is sometimes required, although the whole route is designed so that you can leave it for a while to go off exploring attractions in the surrounding area.

Easy Rider

Regardless of what direction you travel in, you will also encounter the best biker meetings, engineering and motorcycle museums and Germany's race tracks, in addition to the most beautiful stretches of road the country has to offer. Endless roads, secluded tracks, curvy roads and drops: so many high points and never a dull moment. And if you think you've already discovered all there is to discover, you'll be in for a pleasant surprise.

Take a test drive

A special map box designed to fit in the tank rucksack is available and contains 80 laminated maps showing all the routes, as well as information about biker-friendly accommodation, motorbike meets and museums. The German Motorbike Route takes pole position in any biker's itinerary: exceptional curved roads are here in abundance and are a true delight for any thrillseeker. This route for all bike fans requires skilled driving and a foot that's firmly on the accelerator.

German Motorbike Route

Length: approximately 10000 km

Theme: motorcycle tourism

Chemnitz: Museum of Saxon Vehicles (Museum für sächsische Fahrzeuge)
Dresden: Zwinger Castle, Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche), transport museum
Hamburg: harbour, fish market, Harley Days rally
Ibbenbüren: motorbike museum
Ingolstadt: Audi Forum, Ingolstadt Village
Kevelaer: Motorradwallfahrt rally
Munich: BMW Museum, Allianz Arena, Oktoberfest
Schotten/Vogelsberg: Schottenring race track
Schwerin: castle, State Museum of Technology (Technisches Landesmuseum)
Speyer: Technology Museum, cathedral
Zwickau: August Horch Automobile Museum
Events: motorbike fairs

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