Dessau – Anhaltinian Theater
Dessau – Anhaltinian Theater ©Stadt Dessau-Roßlau

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Dessau is noted for being the home of the Bauhaus movement, as well as birthplace of philosopher Moses Mendelssohn and German-Jewish composer, Kurt Weill. The Dessau Jewish Cemetery is at Am Leipziger Tor; a Moses Mendelssohn Memorial Tablet is to be found at Askanischestrasse 10. The Kurt Weill Zentrum, is housed in the restored Bauhaus home of artist Lyonel Feininger. Dessau’s Moses Mendelssohn Center is known for its research, lectures, events, and exhibitions on the Jewish history of Dessau.


  • Synagogue (Liberal [Reform/Conservative]) or Orthodox Jewish Community Dessau
    Kantorstrasse 3
    06842 Dessau
  • General tourism information

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