Stuttgart – Towers and figures of gold
Stuttgart – Towers and figures of gold ©Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Württemberg (Achim Mende)

"Germany for the Jewish Traveler"

Stuttgart – Baden-Württemberg’s Jewish Center

Jews have lived in Stuttgart ever since the Middle Ages. Today’s Brennerstrasse was the medieval “Judengasse” (Jews’ Lane). In 1931, there were some 5,000 Jews living in Stuttgart, as there are today.

The Stuttgart Synagogue and Jewish Community Center were opened in 1952 on the site of the city’s former synagogue, dating from 1861, that was destroyed on Kristallnacht. The community center also serves as the headquarters of the Jewish community of the state of Baden Württemberg; it contains a prayer room, a religious school, a kindergarten and the center’s Shalom Kosher Restaurant.

The Herbert Gebauer Memorial Stone is at Koenig-Karl-Strasse, the location of the former synagogue of the Cannstatt district. The Memorial for the Victims of the Deportation of Jewish Fellow Citizens is at ‘Am Kochenhof’. There are four Jewish Cemeteries in Stuttgart.

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