Wuppertal – Suspension railroad
Wuppertal – Suspension railroad ©DZT (H.P. Merten)

"Germany for the Jewish Traveler"


The first records of Jews in Wuppertal date from 1691. In 1930, some 3,000 Jews lived in Wuppertal. Both of the community’s synagogues were destroyed on Kristallnacht and the Jewish cemetery was vandalized. By May 1941, only 1,093 remained – and in subsequent months all were deported “to the east.” A community of 150 Jews was reinstated in 1945. Memorial tablets were mounted to recall the destroyed synagogues and the dead and deported, and the current Wuppertal Synagogue was opened in 2002.


  • Jewish Community Center Jewish Community Wuppertal
    Synagogue (Liberal [Reform/Conservative]) or Orthodox Gemarkerstrasse 15
    42275 Wuppertal

    Meeting place old Synagogue Wuppertal
    Genügsamkeitstrasse 5
    42105 Wuppertal
  • General tourism information www.wuppertal.de

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