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Wittenberg, Luther memorial
Eisleben, house where Luther was born
Oppenheim, St. Katharine's Church
Worms, Luther statue
Nuremberg, Kaiserburg Castle
Augsburg skyline
Mansfeld Castle
Erfurt, fish market, town hall (1870) and Roland statue
Eisenach, Wartburg Castle
Bretten, Memorial Hall in Melanchthon's House
Luther statue in the memorial church
Giebichenstein Castle near Halle
Dresden, altar in the Church of Our Lady


マルティン・ルターと宗教改革はドイツを変え、その痕跡を残しました。 それは今日なお至る所 — 当時何らかの出来事がおこった場所 — で目にできます。 発見の旅に出かけてください!

The town of Zeitz is associated with Martin Luther's successors. Indeed, Luther's male descendants all left their mark on the town. In 1542 Luther ordained Nicolaus von Amsdorf as the first Protestant bishop at the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul in Zeitz. read more »

There is much to delight today's visitors to Worms, from the Romanesque imperial cathedral to the multimedia exhibition at the Nibelung Museum. For Martin Luther however, this historical town on the Rhine held far less pleasant associations. read more »

Weimar was a centre for German intellectual life long before Goethe and Schiller's day. Indeed, Martin Luther was much taken with the town on the river Ilm. read more »

Martin Luther declared that the buildings in Torgau were more beautiful than any from ancient times. That is still true today. With five hundred Renaissance and late-Gothic buildings, Torgau in Saxony is an architectural gem of international standing. read more »

Speyer is a UNESCO World Heritage town thanks to its cathedral, the largest surviving Romanesque church in Europe. But it is also regarded as the birthplace of the Protestant faith because of the Protestation at Speyer of 1529. read more »

Sonneberg, the historical toy town in the Thuringian Forest nature reserve, is ideal for walking and cycling in glorious unspoilt surroundings. Follow in Luther's footsteps through the Thuringian Forest and discover the legend of the Luther House in Sonneberg! read more »

The romantic medieval town of Schmalkalden in Thuringia has a important place in 16th century European history. In 1531 Protestant princes and representatives of free imperial cities met here to join forces against the Catholic emperor, Charles V. read more »

Pirna, not far from Dresden , is the birthplace of the indulgence preacher and inquisitor Johann Tetzel. Tetzel's actions caused Luther to nail his 95 theses to the door of the castle church and is thus considered a key figure in Reformation. read more »