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年間15万人余りの人間が “クルツィアナー (ドレスデン聖十字架合唱団の愛称) ” の歌声を聴いています。この合唱団の名称はドレスデン聖十字架教会に因むもので、今日でも合唱団は毎週土曜日の「晩祷」に参加しています。合唱団員は、聖十字架ギムナジウムに通学している生徒たちです。

ドレスデンの聖十字架合唱団は、ライプツィヒのトーマス教会合唱団に対抗すべく、はやくも13世紀には創設されました。ラテン語学校の生徒たちで組織されたのは、礼拝に参加するためには、ラテン語の知識が不可欠だったからです。この合唱団には、シュッツバッハに始まって、ハイドンやメンデルスゾーンを経て、テオドラキス等の現代作曲家に至るレパートリーがあり、現在は約150人の少年たちが所属しています。また、ドレスデン・フィルハーモニー管弦楽団やシュターツカペレ・ドレスデンと頻繁に共演し、オペラのソリストを輩出し、アメリカやアジアへの公演旅行も行っています。かつての “クルツィアナー” の中には、ペーター・シュライアーやオラフ・ベーアといった、世界的に有名な歌手もいます。


Dresden's film nights on the Elbe have taken the 'big' screen quite literally to heart. Not simply because this is Germany's largest open-air film festival but also because since 2004 the films have been shown on the world's biggest mobile screen, which measures a gigantic 448 square metres or 32 metres by 14 metres – offering a superlative cinematic experience.

The events take place on approximately 60 nights during the summer, around 50 of which take the form of film screenings including a number of German premieres. There are around 3,300 seats, 400 of which are particularly sought after because they are under cover and offer at-seat service.
The festival's name only tells half the story because some brilliant concerts also come under the film nights on the Elbe banner: R.E.M., Die Ärzte, Nelly Furtado and Die Fantastischen Vier are just a few of many who have appeared here. For these ten or so performances, the giant screen is rotated 90 degrees and handily becomes the stage's roof. All in all, the film nights on the Elbe offer an exceptional programme for around 150,000 people.
There's also one magical, free extra: for many, Dresden silhouetted against the evening sky is a highlight in itself. Many things have changed since the festival was founded in 1991, but this view forever stays the same, which surely makes the film nights on the Elbe the most beautiful open-air film and concert festival in Germany – and possibly even in Europe?


27.06.2019 - 25.08.2019


01097 Dresden


The Ostrale showcases the full spectrum of contemporary art incorporating every genre and discipline. 

This annual event is held on Dresden's Ostrainsel at the former abattoir, a listed ensemble from 1910. which provides exhibition space of 15,000m² indoors and 50,000m² outdoors. The various rooms and buildings offer several hundred artists from Germany and abroad the ideal space to display their art.


28.06.2019 - 29.09.2019

から 10:00 まで 19:00


Messe Dresden
Messering 8
01067 Dresden

The Stollenfest makes for an unusual highlight of the Dresden Striezelmarkt.
The Stollenfest makes for an unusual highlight of the Dresden Striezelmarkt. Every year, the members of the Dresdner Stollen protection association bake a huge Stollen, a traditional Christmas cake, which weighs a ton!




Stadt Dresden
01067 Dresden