• Lustgondeln anno 1719
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Lustgondeln anno 1719

Pirna - Pillnitz - Dresden

Enjoy the festive bridal reception in Pirna and accompany the uniquely colourful water parade with replicas of historic gondolas and modern watercraft from Pirna via Pillnitz to Dresden to the moving conclusion with carriage parade! On the way on the traces of the bridal couple Friedrich August and Maria Josepha you experience the exciting history of the century wedding of 1719 and know today's attitude to life at the Elbe. Enjoy a stroll full of pleasure - baroque costumes are very welcome!




から 10:00

From 10:00 Start Festival in Pirna

14:15 Start water parade from Pirna

15:15 Stopover Schloss Pillnitz

16:15 Departure Schloss Pillnitz

18:00 Arrival in Dresden, Am Terrassenufer, Anleger 18 – Reception of the bride and groom with music and courtly company and carriage parade through the old town to the princely procession

19:30 The Happy End. 


Marktplatz in Pirna
01796 Pirna


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