St. James' Way: Via Jutlandica – on a voyage of discovery in search of happiness

It would be a shame to "just" complete the Via Jutlandica, the most northerly of all St. James' Way routes in Germany. Scenic and bursting with variety, this pilgrimage offers plenty to see along the way. Admittedly, it takes some time, but it certainly leaves a wonderful lasting impression.

Like all St. James' Way routes, Via Jutlandica is a pilgrimage that ultimately leads to the tomb of St. James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, but this trail has long been far from the massive crowds. It is one of the sub-routes that has just been rediscovered, and a path encrusted with plenty of gems worth discovering, provided you plan in the time to do so. And, as is often the case, there are several ways to reach the same destination. On the Via Jutlandica pilgrimage, the route from Schleswig via Kiel to Lübeck, where pilgrims met in the Middle Ages, is the fastest.

If you have plenty of time, start in Kruså on the Danish border and hike along a route that forms an integral part of the history of Schleswig-Holstein, as you will see from the prehistoric places along the way. Explore the imposing Gottorf Castle, once a water castle and now a museum, the biblical herb garden at St. John's Abbey in Schleswig and the famous Bordesholm Altar in Schleswig Cathedral. Go on a pilgrimage past churches and lakes, water mills and reservoirs and fearlessly cross the "Räuberwald" (Robbers' Forest) on the way to Kropp. Enjoy a moment of silent prayer in Schleswig-Holstein's oldest church, situated between Itzehoe and Glückstadt. And be blown about in the wind on the Stör dyke. Liberating moments of happiness in every respect.

St. James' Way: Via Jutlandica

Route 1: Schleswig - Kiel - Lübeck

Length of route: approx. 160 km

Starts: Schleswig

Arrival options: Schleswig

Departure options: Lübeck

Route 2: Kruså/Flensburg - Rendsburg - Glückstadt

Length of route: approx. 210 km/9 stages

Starts: Kruså

Arrival options: change at Flensburg for bus connections to Kruså

Departure options: Glückstadt

Pilgrim hostels along the route?: Yes

About the route: easily accessible paths, some well-developed farm lanes and agricultural roads

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