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Visitor information

  • Open all year
  • Closed 24 and 31 December and 1 January
  • For children aged 3+
  • Most facilities are disabled-friendly
  • Special events, workshops


There are other Phänomenta attractions in Bremerhaven, Lüdenscheid and Peenemünde.

Phänomenta Flensburg – the science centre in Schleswig-Holstein

Situated in the far north of Germany on the Baltic coast, the Phänomenta Flensburg science centre is an extraordinary attraction that will spark curiosity, pose questions, provide answers and leave the whole family amazed. Suitable for children aged three and above.

Learning by doing is the mantra at the Phänomenta Flensburg world of discovery. In 2,000 square metres of exhibition space spread across four floors, visitors explore the laws of nature through more than 200 exciting experiments that engage all the senses. 'Please don't touch' is unheard of here. In fact, trying things out for yourself is positively encouraged! You can see, learn and discover so much here: from the morse desk, on which the alphabet sounds so different, to experiments involving fascinating oscillations. A moon glider simulates walking on the moon; a tunnel of darkness gives an insight into the world of a blind person. Then there's the hearing curve, the disorientating Hall of Light, and the chance for your body to act as an electricity conductor. Trick mirrors and amazing optical illusions will demonstrate that you can't always trust your eyes.


The Zwergen-Phänomenta contains around 20 experiments suitable for children between the ages of three and six. Among the phenomena that they investigate is the invisible but potent force of magnetism: what makes fish in a large aquarium take the bait? Does everything attract everything else? Another exhibit deals mainly with visual stimuli: it's all about the eyes in the House of Senses with its mirrors, periscope and a wall on which you can write using light. Tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing, pulling, crawling, rolling, playing, experimenting and understanding – the Phänomenta Flensburg science centre promises fun and entertainment for the whole family. There are other Phänomenta attractions in Germany that also aim to teach visitors about the laws and phenomena of physics.



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