Dialogue Museum, Frankfurt – an insight into the unseen

The Dialogue Museum in Frankfurt offers an incredible experience for the senses. Its Dialogue in the Dark exhibition challenges sighted visitors to find their way in the pitch-black world that blind people inhabit, giving a taste of a life without vision. For children aged seven and above.

There are no collections on display at Frankfurt's Dialogue Museum. In fact, there's nothing to see at all, but there's plenty to hear, feel, smell and taste. This is not a simulation of blindness, but rather an adventure using (nearly) all your senses. Children, in particular, often find this easier than adults. Learn what it is like to experience your surroundings when you can't see anything at all. In the dark the most ordinary situations turn into journeys of discovery. Even a walk in the park can be transformed into an incredible adventure. Without the blind guide who walks through the darkness with remarkable ease, you would be completely lost. The environment takes on a new quality, leaving sighted visitors disoriented and dazzled and making them see things in a new way. Don't worry though, you will not be left on your own; visually impaired guides take the sighted visitors around the Dialogue in the Dark exhibition. In complete darkness, you are led through various different areas, feeling Braille writing and realising just how important it is to always remain in contact with one another.


In front of the entrance, everything is brightly lit. But behind the doors lies a pitch-black world of darkness. In six completely light-free interactive rooms that replicate everyday situations, you can experience what it's like for people who cannot see. At the Dialogue Museum there's nothing to see, but there's plenty to hear, feel, smell, taste and experience.



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