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View of Bad Fredeburg in the Sauerland

The Schmallenberger Sauerland region: boost your wellbeing in the healing caves

Everything a health-conscious or active holidaymaker could wish for.

The Schmallenberg area of the Sauerland is made up of 83 towns and villages offering a fantastic range of health facilities and not one but two healing caves.

Two places in particular, Bad Fredeburg and Nordenau in the Upper Sauerland, have a lot in common: a beautiful setting, a wealth of leisure activities and a cave that offers healing treatments.

Breathe away your aches and pains

The resorts are known for the practice of underground climatic therapy, or speleotherapy as the experts call it. Inside these 'healing caves' the temperature remains at a steady 9°C and the humidity at almost 100%, resulting in the constant replenishment of air, which keeps levels of dust, pollen and pathogens extremely low – a great boost for anybody suffering from a respiratory condition. Even patients with chronic lung conditions or whooping cough can benefit from a visit to the healing caves. The high humidity levels make it is easier to breathe and to clear the airways, and people often find that their symptoms are dramatically improved.

No place for allergens

Allergy symptoms are also alleviated here – not just inside the healing caves but in Schmallenberg too. The town as a whole bears the 'Allergy Friendly' seal of approval, issued by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation, which indicates that its hotels and shops are suitable for allergy-sufferers.

The full feel-good factor

There's also a whole host of leisure activities that ensure a feel-good holiday: you can learn about the healing powers of wild herbs on an educational walk or explore the picturesque surroundings on a sled pulled by huskies. And if that weren't enough, there are golf courses, leisure pools and saunas, as well as spas offering medical, wellness and beauty treatments. All this, combined with the restorative effects of the healing caves, guarantees a holiday to remember.