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Kulturinsel Einsiedel family fun park: a world of unusual experiences

Kulturinsel Einsiedel is an adventure park like no other in Germany, located in the lush green surroundings of Upper Lusatia, on the border with Poland in Neisseaue-Zentendorf near Görlitz.

Kulturinsel Einsiedel, which has won the German Tourism Prize and has been picked for the Land of Ideas competition, is an amazing world of woodland fun and adventure. Its somewhat unconventional attractions combine play with art, culture and nature. With imagination and creativity, this results in more fun and games than you would think possible: a petting zoo, a Viking ship, a haunted forest, climbing walls and climbing frames, bridges, towers, treehouses, mazes and much more besides. Your kids won't know where to begin! Whether it's damming streams or stroking animals, building a camp fire or crawling through caves, there is something for every taste and age group. Finding your way in the enchanted palace, conquering the free-fall slide and braving the haunted cellar – familiar concepts take on a whole new meaning here. Kids are encouraged to climb, crawl, experiment and explore their way through the five-hectare adventure forest. With its winding paths, secret underground labyrinths, mythical enchanted palace and rediscovered Turi Sede civilisation, Kulturinsel Einsiedel is like a computer game come to life. There are plenty of places to find food and drink – and, like everything else here, they offer something a little bit different. If you were thinking chips and ketchup, think again! Instead, you can bake your own bread by the fire and enjoy lots of other delicious treats.


Kulturinsel Einsiedel lives and breathes creativity through its many innovative leisure activities. The park's residents regularly entice you to join their mad-cap festivals celebrating fire, magic, fun and folklore. On some occasions you can also see treehouses being built. Or, for a taste of Turi Sede culture, why not enjoy dinner and a comedy show at the KRÖNUM theatre restaurant? Your exquisite eight-course meal is accompanied by the coronation of the Turi Sede king. As for accommodation, you can sleep in an Oriental forest dwelling, a traditional earth house, a Turi Sede teepee, or high up in Germany's first treehouse hotel. There are also special family lodges up in the treetops and brand-new children's treehouses.