Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Castle Church
Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Castle Church ©DZT (Christof Herdt)

D3 Route/Euroroute R1 – a cross section of Germany

The D3 Route/Euroroute R1 covers flat terrain, highlands, river landscapes, towns, cities, a biosphere reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Running from Vreden on the Dutch border to Küstrin-Kietz on the Polish border, the German leg of the Euroroute R1 passes through all kinds of different regions. Cyclists on this route will travel through the parkland of the Münsterland, over the hills in the Weserbergland and the edge of the Harz, and through the vast Fläming region and Oderbruch marshland. From there, they will explore the river landscapes of the Weser, Saale and Elbe along with a biosphere reserve. Culture vultures will be delighted by the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Quedlinburg, Lutherstadt Wittenberg and the Bauhaus buildings in Dessau, and the chance to visit major cities like Münster and Berlin.

At a glance: D3 Route/ Euroroute R1

  • Length: 960 km
  • Starts: Vreden-Zwillbrock
  • Ends: Küstrin-Kietz
  • Travel: (nearest city to - start| end):
    Münster 62 km | Berlin 85 km
  • About the route: hilly in parts, steep gradients

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