Near Eining, cyclist of the Danube Cycle Route
Near Eining, cyclist of the Danube Cycle Route ©DZT (Keute, Jochen)

Danube Cycle Route – the course of a legendary river

The Danube has been a source of inspiration for songs, musical compositions and stories through time. Cyclists don't need to have been on the Danube Cycle Route for long to see for themselves why this river has always been so influential in the world of the arts and culture.

Just like every river, the Danube starts off small. It rises up in the gardens of Fürstenberg Palace in Donaueschingen, before completely disappearing in the Danube Sinkhole for 150 days of the year. But the river soon re-emerges before reaching Ulm, home to the world's tallest church tower, Donauwörth, the location of one of the most stunning streets in the south of Germany, and the spectacular landscape at the Danube Gorge. Many caves, awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status, are just waiting to be explored on the secondary route through the Urdonau Valley. And there are almost a thousand monuments to visit in Regensburg's Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The German Danube Cycle Route, which is part of the EuroVelo 6 European long-distance cycle route, ends in Passau. The Danube is known as the "source of Europe" for very good reason!

At a glance: Danube Cycle Route

  • Length: 609 km
  • Starts: Donaueschingen
  • Ends: Passau
  • Travel: (nearest city to - start| end):
    Freiburg 57 km | Passau
  • About the route: mainly flat, hilly in parts, easily managed by children, majority of route suitable for trailers
  • 4-star ADFC quality-certified cycle route

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