Castle güstrow and its impressive garden
Castle güstrow and its impressive garden ©Tourismus und Kongressmanagement Fulda (Christian Tech)

Fulda Cycle Route R1 – a journey through Hesse from south to north

This leisurely cycle route follows the River Fulda through Hesse from south to north and all the way to the River Weser. Along the way, the backdrop of the calm and tranquil stretches of river alternates between idyllic Medieval towns with half-timbered buildings and vibrant urban areas.

From the river's source on Mount Wasserkuppe at 900 metres above sea level, the route continues through the Fulda Valley and into the city of the same name, where spectacular historical buildings are just waiting to be admired. Then it's on to Bad Hersfeld, which is home to the largest Romanesque church ruins in the world. The Medieval town of Rotenburg an der Fulda and Haydau Abbey in Morschen transport cyclists right back to the Middle Ages too. After Melsungen comes Kassel, at which point the final stretch of the route is in sight. The historical Old Town of Hannoversch Münden is just a few kilometres on from there. It is here that the Fulda and Werra Rivers converge to form the River Weser. The Fulda Cycle Route continues alongside the Weser all the way to the small Baroque town of Bad Karlshafen.

At a glance: Fulda Cycle Route

  • Length: 255 km
  • Starts: Gersfeld/Rhön
  • Ends: Bad Karlshafen
  • Travel: (nearest city to start | end):
    Fulda 30 km | Kassel 24 km
  • About the route: mainly flat, easily managed by children, majority of route suitable for trailers

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