Tempzin pilgrim hostel, west façade of the infirmary
Tempzin pilgrim hostel, west façade of the infirmary ©Pilger-Kloster Tempzin e.V. (Antje Ibbeken-Henn)

Tempzin Monastery – find yourself within the community

Embark on a journey of inner exploration: you can either follow St. Bridget's Trail, part of the St. James' Way network, which takes in Tempzin Monastery, or break away from the pilgrimage at Tempzin Monastery. To hike, pray, sing and dance with like-minded people – or just be together in silence – in an ecumenical group.

The simplicity of the former monastic hospital in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, as well as discussions with the people here, will help you on your path of self-discovery. The buildings – the church, which is the largest parish church in the whole of Mecklenburg; the infirmary, now the hospitality building; and the farmhouse, now the community building – are 500 years old. To deal with the influx of pilgrims, in addition to the many people who suffered from a mysterious disease called "ignis sacer", or St. Anthony's fire, a vast three-storey infirmary was constructed in 1496. Around 60 years later, following the Reformation, the monastery diminished in importance. Its bricks were the only thing of interest – they were used to construct Schwerin Palace.

Today, Tempzin Monastery has once again become a place of pilgrimage. A bell in the monastery's church rings four times a day to signal the Liturgy of the Hours. Talks on "spiritual direction" are also given every day, and communion services are held weekly in addition to special services. The annual events calendar includes retreats, monastery/pilgrim festivals at Pentecost, special pilgrimage packages and short pilgrimage routes for groups (available upon request). Those seeking time alone can enter the maze and enjoy a very unique experience on their quest for self-discovery.

Tempzin pilgrim hostel

Accommodation: the pilgrimage monastery is a self-catering establishment; the kitchen is available to guests. For more information (in German), visit: www.pilger-kloster-tempzin.de

Nearest train stations: Berlin, Schwerin, Rostock

Confession available; the pilgrimage monastery is not open all year round

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